Keep it simple, stupid

Keep it simple, stupid – blunt but fair, and applicable to today, and really any day spent with children. It’s been snowing, so the last two days have largely been lived inside. Despite my best efforts to over-complicate things, I keep realising that things largely work better the simpler they are and I’ve had two food wins on this basis recently. Simple things, just put together differently than I normally would.

Porridge – worthy, cheap and inexplicably viewed as a massive treat by toddler. Researching ways to make it more exciting (if this isn’t living!…) there’s loads but I’m not about to be toasting any nuts or sourcing exotic seeds at this stage in the game. Taking it back to what I had in, I finally  found a use for the apple puree that baby spurned. Swirling some into the cooked porridge with some cinnamon shaken over (I’ve no idea how much – some, not a lot) and banana sliced on top actually felt lovely and cosy with the snow outside.

For tea, a Nigel Slater recipe that has ridiculously few ingredients. Garlic, sliced and in pan with oil until just starts to fizzle, tinned tomatoes in and cook down for a few mins. Pour into oven dish, lay skinless fish fillet on top, breadcrumbs on top and in oven c200 for 10 mins. Made with mash. Miraculously toddler devours. Continuing with the keeping it real vibe, baby would only eat it in fistfuls. Made yoghurt for pudding, served in old Gu pudding dishes (‘so we mustn’t throw these on the floor’ I was instructed) with heated up frozen berry mix on the bottom and crushed up amaretti biscuit (knew there was a point to keeping those) on top.

Then told by toddler (unrelated, I hope) that I was her best friend. The simple things.


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