Soup, soup eh doop

So, today we’re rocking a carrot and coriander soup. After a couple of days where everything feels harder work than you think it should be, where we’re on the brink of Trump (which frankly sounds like a particularly revolting place to be) and I’m watching Theresa May suck up to Scotland with a tartan blazer, soup feels like we’re on track in the right direction. Plus, I made it yesterday, so today is reheating, wins all round.

Half onion chopped in biggish chunks, in pan, chop 3 carrots, in pan, cook down a little bit, good shake of dried coriander, veg stock to decently cover. Handful of lentils. Simmer for half an hour. Blend with a handful of fresh coriander. Serve to baby while feeling virtuous. Serve with a tortilla wrap as you’ve run out of bread. I suppose this could be toasted under the grill a bit into tortilla chips, but not today.

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