Word of today – balance. Lovely, lovely day meeting up with friends. Play versus work versus money versus children discussed by adults; sentiment mirrored by toddlers – ‘I’m a bit bigger’, ‘I’M a bit smaller’. Fresh air and woodland play in the morning balanced at home in the afternoon by 4 back to back episodes of current favourite TV programme for overtired toddler. And so it was for food. It’s the end of the week – ha, self-employed, no end to the week – the end to the bit of the week where I’m the only one allegedly in charge, and we’re all tired. Hello again, baked potatoes. However, the potatoes I had were totally inappropriate sizes for the job in hand and so wedges it was with ‘mini crustless quiches’ and that same soup from the other day to provide the veg. Thank god for soup.

Eggs beaten in jug, good splash of whole milk mixed in. Little bits of ham and grated cheese on bottom of cupcake tin, egg mixture poured over top. In oven for 20-25 mins, came out as overcooked as I feel. 15 would have been fine I reckon.

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