Yesterday was all about efficiency. I was so successful that I’m writing this the next day. Having realised quite so much cheese goes into our lunches (see left, known in my family as ‘cheesy dream’ – eggy bread cheese sandwich type thing – amazing), I made what husband and I ate for tea the night before. Less brain power – efficient! Baby then had an inordinately long nap and so the tomatoes cooked down really nicely and I got nothing done because I was never sure when she was going to wake up.

Inspired by a recipe on the BBC Good Food page. Chopped onion softened, add garlic, then tin tomatoes, little swirl of pesto. cook for 10 mins or over an hour if baby sleeps that long. Crack an egg each into small wells and cook with lid on for about 10 mins. Serve with pitta bread toasted in slices. These, and the yoghurt on the side, would have gone better with the coriander I used the night before instead of the pesto, but still worked. Add sprig of basil to feel like you’re on one of the lunch jollies that husband gets taken on all the time, and serve. If you want to remember what being efficient felt like, serve to baby wearing brand new white top.

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