About me

Hi, I’m Judith. I am a 25 year old student and living in Groningen (The Netherlands). I will soon (fingers crossed) be an environmental psychology graduate. Environmental psychology is a study on explaining and changing environmental behaviour to create a healthy and sustainable environment. The focus is primarily on promoting pro-environmental behaviour. Social sciences are important in the transition towards a sustainable future since often the technology is there but the difficulty is to get people to accept and change.

It is very demanding, challenging, extremely rewarding and fun. Even though I am very happy with the line of education I followed, I feel like I can do more… After all these years of academia, I really wanted to do something practical and for that reason, I wanted to start a blog. With this blog, I will share my tips, experiences and struggles I find along the way.

Since I am very passionate about food and eating, I will most likely share recipes I created or inspired me. After experimenting with plant-based recipes, I became aware how stuck I was on my ‘standard’ recipes and ingredients. Following a plant-based diet is often viewed as restrictive and limited, but I had never tried so many new products and cooking methods in my life.

I am not only going to focus on plant-based recipes. I want to take this a step further and try to cook with as much local and seasonal products as possible!

I hope the recipes and articles you find here will inspire you to eat more sustainable dishes and spark you to be as sustainable as you possibly can.