Just a little bit different

I told my business coach that I wanted ‘new experiences’ and when she asked for examples (given that I had just said I was all about stability) I clarified that going to a local trampoline park on a Saturday morning would meet the brief. I also realised on holiday a couple of years ago that lying on a sun lounger for 4 minutes feels like a two week holiday and then there’s that meme that’s always going round facebook that ‘You know you’re a mom when a 15 minute shower with the door closed feels like a spa day’. And this is true. I bet the Sainsbury’s marketing team would be thrilled that I’m channelling their campaign, but little twists is what it’s about. That’s a longwinded way of saying I’m back on beans.

In an effort to make beans more vegatabley (as now we’re supposed to be on 10 a day – another thing I’m lagging behind on- AND while I’m on things I’m lagging behind on, I’m supposed to be cleaning my toilet every day according to Good Housekeeping. I had assumed these two facts were unrelated, but now I’m not so sure…) I made a kind of beefed up beans.

Onion chopped toddler small, some smoked paprika and a little bit of cumin (less than the smoked paprika, a tentative ‘not sure if this really fits here, but it feels right’ kind of amount) in pan with oil, cook down a little and add tin of tomatoes, cook down a little again and add tin of beans, forget about it while cleaning bathroom, run downstairs to smell of burning, salvage and serve with grated cheese and natural yoghurt on baked potato.

Different doesn’t mean better

It was a heady fun-filled morning of dishwasher emptying, washing putting on, toy tidying and sorting out baby’s clothes to get rid of the ones that are too small now. I also decided to clear some of both of our clothes that were maybe mistakes, the ‘fun’ ones. I have a history of not being able to decide if something is ‘a bit different’ or hideous; a pair of knee-high, green, pirate-style boots being testament to that. So onto ebay the stuff goes. After trying to cram a normal person’s workday into a nap of previously unspecified length, it was time for lunch. I decided beans were on the menu, who am I kidding, they’re back, we both like them. But I made French toast/eggy bread because that makes it DIFFERENT.

Slice of bread, buttered on one side, dipped both sides in beaten egg, then fried in non-stick pan (the new one, husband, grey with the flecks in) butter side down first, no oil. The fact that baby left this bit until all other bits of lunch had been exhausted suggests that she agrees with the adage that different isn’t necessarily better, but I liked it.

Pitta bread pizza for tea, thanks to friend for this revelation! One half of a pitta lengthways, spread with tomato puree, sliced mushroom, spring onion, bit of grated cheese; under grill until cheese melts. We now eat this regularly, so not different and definitely good.